Easter holiday catering article

Cater Your Easter Holiday With A Professional Catering Company

Worry Free Catering for the Easter Holiday

With work, traveling, busy schedules and families and friends being further apart more than ever, the holidays are one of the times that getting everyone together is easiest and important. One way to enjoy the time with your friends and family this Easter is to have your holiday event catered. Choosing the right catering company will allow you to enjoy a stress free, relaxed and wonderful Easter Holiday.

How to Pick Your Easter Holiday Catering Company

When searching for catering company’s reputation, reviews, and willingness to work with you is of the upmost importance. Also remember it is not just the food you should be concerned with. Every part of your Easter Holiday should be planned out and taken care of by the catering company you choose. Do they provide tables, linens, drinks, utensils, and displays? What are their relationships with other local companies such as taxi/limo, bar tending services, music and entertainment? A local, professional catering company will have excellent relationships with all these companies, and more.

Easter Holiday Menu Ideas

The menu you choose for your Easter Holiday is pretty important, let’s face it, your guests are going to want wonderful, delicious, freshly prepared food. First, you have to decide whether you will be hosting an Easter Brunch, or an Easter Dinner. For Easter Brunch foods typically prepared include waffles, pancakes, French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, eggs benedict and fresh fruit. Is that enough though? Keep in mind certain guests food allergies, and ask your catering company if they have any unique and special ideas to wow your guests.
If you choose to host an Easter Dinner the first two main courses that come to mind are ham and lamb. Accompanying foods usually include the fresh taste of spring. Foods like lemon, asparagus, fresh fruits, and delicious drinks. Ask your catering company for multiple options like hot and cold foods, sweet and savory, and make sure they use fresh, in season ingredients.

Easter Holiday Drinks

The catering company you choose should have a bartender or someone available to make drinks for you and your guests. If they don’t, they will have a relationship with a local bartending service. Easter is a time for celebrating with friends and family and the arrival of spring. Plan a drink menu with your catering company accordingly. Light, airy drinks with fresh seasonal fruit are always a hit, and the professional onsite bartenders will allow you to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family. Several drink ideas are:

  • Pink Bonnet
  • Pear Lemon Fizz
  • Blue Cottontail
  • Cucumber Mint Gimlet
  • Jelly Bean Sugar
  • Bunny Hug Cocktail

For the people who won’t be drinking alcohol based drinks, there are plenty of other drink options.

  • Easter Egg Hatch
  • Easter Cream
  • Malted Chocolate
  • Orange Sparkler
  • Rainbow Punch

Your catering company will no doubt have great drink ideas of their own and if you have a traditional cocktail or non-alcoholic drink share it with your catering company and they will prepare it to your liking to serve to your Easter Holiday guests.

Memorable Catered Easter Holiday

Hiring a catering company for this year’s Easter Holiday whether it be for work, or with friends and family is a great way to remove some of the stress and let the professionals handle your party. Choosing the right catering company will ensure you and your guests have great food, drinks, displays and decorations, and entertainment. Remember to ask your caterer about existing relationships with taxi and limo companies to make sure everyone gets home safe. Catering your Easter Holiday this year will allow you to have a worry free time with friends, family, and co workers.