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Vernon Street Dining Room


An Open Letter To The Community of Roseville,

Thank you to all who have chosen to gather and eat at 105 Noshery over the last few years. To be able to bring great food and live local music to Downtown Roseville was an absolute joy for us. We understand the closing of 105 Noshery was a significant loss to the community, and we want to assure you the decision to close was not an easy one to make, but alas, one that had to be made.

After moving our corporate offices to Downtown Roseville, we opened 105 Noshery with the intention of providing the community with a special place to share meals with their friends and family. We were able to do that even when moving into a global pandemic right after opening our doors, and now being faced with a very uncertain economy, despite our best efforts, here we are.

We have heard from countless numbers of you about the sense of loss you feel and have been working hard to figure out how to repurpose the space for the community to gather and dine again. With that in mind, this space will now be a part of Randy Peters Catering & Event Center and will be called the Vernon Street Dining Room.

The new Vernon Street Dining Room will be a place for private and community events. Across the globe, dining rooms have been a common ground for gathering family and friends to connect, laugh, and delight in each other's enjoyment, this unique space will become just that for our community. In addition to being able to rent the space for private parties, we will be offering monthly theme dinners and bi-monthly family-style dinners to the public, as well as food and wine, beer, and spirit pairing dinners.

The space will also be home to the Vernon Street Dining Room Market, providing the community with some of the food and beverages they have come to love. The public can purchase items like bloody mary kits, housemade Kahlua, eggnog & Irish cream, Randy Rub seasoning, country-thick bacon, and more!

The Vernon Street Dining Room will also be where people can pick up their individual and holiday meals. You’ll be able to grab a drink at the bar and mingle with others while you wait for your order to be ready. For those of you with 105 Noshery gift cards, you can use them on private and public events, goods sold at the market, and holiday and individual meals.

We know change is hard, but in this case, this change is for the better of the community as a whole. The community still needs a special place to gather, and while it looks different  — we hope the Vernon Street Dining Room will be the community dining room of Downtown Roseville! We will gather again as a community in this unique, modern place where we all feel so at home.

We will be releasing more details and information over the coming weeks and months. If you’d like to be sure to get timely updates, be sure to follow Randy Peters Catering & Event Center on Facebook and sign up for our email list.

Thank you for your support now and in the future. It is both a blessing and a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful community.

Randy and Lisa Peters