5 Steps to Plan a Company Picnic

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Creating a memorable event for employees and the entire company goes a long way. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to impress your boss! The first step when you start to plan a company picnic or party is deciding who’s organizing it. And, chances are… that’s you!

Don’t sweat it—you’re in the right place. Randy Peters Catering and Event Center has over 40 years of experience in business catering and corporate events: we know how to throw a party.
Without further ado, let’s get party planning!

Step 1: Plan


From setting a budget to choosing a venue, the planning stage is the foundation of your event. Will your event fall apart, or will it prevail? It’s all about the planning!

Pro tip: Use this phase to plan a company picnic to impress your boss from the start!

__ Establish Budget (How much money can you spend?)

__ Pick a Venue (Where will the magic happen?)

__ Set a Date and Time (Pick a date/time your employees will appreciate.)

Step 2: Initial Preparations


It’s time to send invitations, decide on entertainment and equipment and to make sure no employee is left out. What does the event schedule look like? Do any employees have strict food allergies? Taking care of initial preparations will help take the pressure off when you plan a company picnic.

__ Create Event Timeline (What does the picnic look like from morning to night?)

__ Send Invitations (Whether it’s paper or an email, design an awesome invitation!)

__ Have Something for Everyone (Have food, drinks, activities, etc. for everyone)

__ Choose Entertainment (Hire a DJ, bring games, or something else to entertain everyone)

__ Hire Volunteers (You’re going to need some serious help!)

__ Decide on Food and Drink Menus (How does mouth-watering BBQ and full bar service sound?)

__ Hire a Catering Company (Don’t worry—we have you covered)

Step 3: Confirmation


All the preparations you’ve been making in the last few months, now it’s time to confirm. Confirm workers, volunteers and the entire guest list. Confirming everything will definitely take a great amount of stress off of you.

__ Ensure Budget is Met (Don’t go over the budget. The boss won’t be impressed there)

__ Confirm Guests (Who’s all attending the greatest picnic in company history?)

__ Confirm Volunteers (Who are the wonderful volunteers committed to helping?)

__ Confirm Menu (BBQ chicken, rice, and freshly baked cookies? That sounds amazing!)

Step 4: Day Before Preparations


It’s time to set up! These preparations may take place a week prior to the event, or at 6 AM in the morning the day of. It all depends on your event! Use this time to set up decorations, branding pieces, equipment, entertainment, and everything else to make your event shine. Remember, you must impress your guests, but don’t forget the boss too!

__ Delegate Tasks to Volunteers (Assign meaningful tasks to everyone who’s helping)

__ Decorate the Setting (Signs, logos, decorations etc. Make the place shine)

__ Set Up Activities (Don’t let any guest be bored!)

__ Set Up Equipment (Tables, chairs, and other equipment—make everyone feel comfortable)

Step 5: Enjoy!


You’ve spent hours and hours planning the company picnic, and the day is here. Let the picnic commence. Have a seat, sip on something cold, and give yourself a strong pat on the back for organizing and executing a fantastic event.

__ Observe Event to Make Sure It’s Going Smoothly (Stay aware of what’s happening, but don’t stress yourself out all day)

__ Take a Deep Breath, Congratulate Yourself, Relax and Enjoy


We hope our checklist contributed to the success of your awesome event! Still in need of catering, bar service, or something else to make your company picnic unforgettable? Please contact us—we’d love to tell you how we can help!

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