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Company Holiday Party Checklist eBook

How does an extra treat from your favorite catering company in Sacramento sound to this holiday season? We have over 40 years of experience catering parties for all sizes and types of parties—you can’t find better party planners around!

We have just the thing. Our brand new Company Holiday Party Checklist eBook!

It goes a little like this:

__ Create a guest list

__ Choose a venue

__ Hire a caterer (hint, hint Randy Peters Catering & Events!)

__ …

You get the point.

By downloading our party planning eBook, you will get the professional advice you need when planning your corporate holiday party. And don’t worry if you miss out on planning a party this year, our eBook is created so that it can be used for all future parties, holiday related or not.
Simply fill out the form below to receive our amazing, highly useful eBook to plan your next party!


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