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Good Morning and Happy Monday all you Foodies

The NPD Group, Inc., noted that Annual visits to restaurants are not likely to bounce back in 2013.

2006 Americans annually visited restaurants 208 times a year. In 2012 visits were down to 194 times per year, down 1%. The NPD Group, Inc. is forecasting in 2022 annual visits to restaurants will be down to 184 times a year, down 4%.

Are you eating out less in Sacramento Valley?


When you eat out where do you go?

Are using a catering company less or more in 2013?

And lastly, are we all done with eating Chocolate Bunnies now that Easter is over?

Is there anyone out there that did not eat Chocolate this weekend?

BTW….I did not eat any Chocolate this weekend….Well does a donut count?

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