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Introductory Blog

Well, the time has come. I have made presentations, done interviews and even taught classes, but I’m finally starting the blog! Welcome.

This blog is being launched in conjunction with our website. It’s going to be a way for me and our team to share not only inside stories, ideas and specials about Randy Peters Catering, but also a ways for me to share the personal side of what we do, who we do it with, and why we do it. From our president, Lisa Peters, to our event coordinators and executive chef, we will use this blog as a platform to show you, teach you, and share with you what we love to do every single day for the last 44 years!

Here are some exciting features you can expect in upcoming posts:

The President’s Perspective: Ever wonder what it’s like to run a crazy catering business? ! Well, now you will know from our president’s perspective, Lisa Peters. From funny stories to awesome events, you will hear what happens “behind the scenes” that helps our success.
Chef’s Corner: If you love our food, you’ll love our monthly guest blog from our very own executive chef, Brandon Schroder. From food preparation to food pairing, you’ll get some great ideas for your upcoming events.
Catering Queen: Our senior event coordinator, Melissa McCullough will dazzle you with her amazing event planning ideas. From how to save a few bucks to how to knock their socks off, this event planner extraordinaire will leave you wanting more!
Randy-isms: And yes, I’ll share my musings of a life-long “foodie”. They are known around the company as “Randy-isms”, so I’m going to share them with you too. With 44 years of experience in the industry I have plenty of great stories and ideas I can’t wait to share. From lunch to leadership, I’ll probably cover it all!

Plus we’ll have tons of articles, specials, recipes and more. Stay tuned for great food and fun!

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