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Why You Need BBQ Catering at this Summer’s Events

The air is warmer, the sun is out, and the smell of charcoal, mesquite and smoke is in the air—it must be BBQ season!

This summer, you or someone you know is responsible for planning the biggest bash of the summer. Whether it’s a company picnic, graduation party or birthday celebration, we’ve got you covered. What better way to celebrate and enjoy a summer day than signature, homemade BBQ catering from the culinary experts at Randy Peters Catering & Event Center.

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, just keep on reading.
Here are just a few of the tasty BBQ choices we have available for your company picnic, graduation party or other special occasion this summer.

House Smoked Bacon

These are little slices of goodness that will leave the plate in the blink of an eye. The burnt edges cap off every perfect, savory slice of thick-cut bacon. You’ll wish you had a left over stash of these to snack on next week.

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Zucchini Roll Ups

It doesn’t have to be ALL about the meat (although it could if you want it to be). Vegetarians and those looking for a healthier option will love the Zucchini Roll Ups we make. Made with roasted red bell pepper, goat cheese, and other spices, this appetizer will satisfy many different palates at the event.











Signature Ribs

Melt in your mouth, tender ribs at this summer’s event will be the hottest topic during and even after the party. We can almost guarantee you’ll hear chatter from attendees next week about the ribs or other entrees we’ve created. In fact, Randy Peters originates from Amarillo, Texas, so you can count on this being the best BBQ you’ve ever had.












Is your mouth watering now?

We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience—one that’s as convenient as it is tasty. Randy Peters BBQ Catering services are available for:

  • Onsite Cooking – We bring the BBQ grills and ovens and provide an interactive grilling experience. Watch the BBQ magic happen right in front of your eyes.
  • BBQ Delivery – We bring spectacularly arranged platters of your favorite BBQ dishes to your event, hot and ready-to-eat. No need to wait; it’s ready for your plate.

No matter which option you prefer, we’d love to talk with you about planning a summer event  and providing signature BBQ catering. Trust us, we have a lot of  BBQ options we can talk about. Contact us today to learn more!

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