Wedding Planning Tips To Help You Navigate Your Special Day

Jan 31, 2020 | Weddings

Congrats on your engagement! As an award-winning wedding caterer, we’ve seen thousands of couples come through our doors, excited to start planning their special day. As experts in the industry, we decided to share some tips and tricks to navigate the overwhelming process that is planning a wedding. We hope you enjoy!

Pick A Budget And Stick To It

Weddings aren’t cheap and your wedding budget is going to be a major driver for numerous wedding-related decisions, so make sure to sit down with your significant other and decide on a total. Are parents contributing or are you footing the bill alone? Take a realistic look at your finances, decide your dealbreaker wedding day must-haves, and what you’re willing to go without. This will ultimately help you decide on what you’ll be splurging on, and steering clear of what you could have lived without.

Do Your Research

Research and planning are going to be key factors in planning the perfect wedding. Checking details such as seasonal weather forecasts at your favorite venues, seeing what you can DIY, to picking and choosing what family traditions you want to honor on your big day is going to help you narrow down what’ll work for the wedding. Create an outline of your needs, find community reviews on vendors, and reach out and ask questions to stay on track in the planning process. This way you won’t get overwhelmed and drift off course!

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

We get it! Between hearing your sister’s wedding horror story and realizing you need to figure out everything from seating arrangements to goody bags, it’s completely okay to hire extra help. In fact, we have wedding planners we personally recommend and trust to make your wedding day go off without a hitch. 

Keep Your Favorite People Involved In The Planning Process

Don’t have the budget for a wedding planner? Just ask some of your closest confidants for help. We’re not saying to let your maid of honor or mother-in-law take over, but letting the people you trust most to help when they can is key. Need a hand dress shopping or just extra emotional support when the stress builds? That’s what bridesmaids are for!

Finalize Your Details

Once the key components are figured out (such as your dress, the venue, and your guest list), start filling in the details. We know each couple is unique, which is why we create custom tastings and special menus that are crafted specifically to fit the bride and groom’s tastes. We’ll make any cuisine you wish and make your dinner unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! 

Make It Unforgettable And Keep It Simple

We want to help our future newlyweds have a simple process of wedding planning that minimizes stress and maximizes the overall experience. When you book your ceremony and reception in our event center, you get dedicated event coordinators, state-of-the-art technology, access to our massive vendor list, a full bar service, and our award-winning catering. We’ll ensure our ballroom fits perfectly with your theme and leaves you speechless on your big day. To get started on your forever, contact our dedicated team today!


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