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Why We Want to Give You Dinner for Two

After thinking about it, we simply decided: We love food. You love food. Let’s have dinner! Not only are we going to have dinner, but you are going to get the VIP treatment! Your catered dinner for two will be held in our private tasting room where you will be greeted by our amazing event coordinators, served by our awesome chef, and accompanied for dinner by the owners (Lisa & I).

As great as that sounds, we still wanted to share a little about the reasons for our monthly contest:

The Food: Many people think of average, bland food when it comes to catering (particularly in the corporate world). That’s not the Randy Peters Catering way. We’ve often been described as restaurant quality food delivered to your door. That probably comes from our years of owning restaurants in the local Sacramento region.

The Service: Our customers come for the food, but the keep coming because of the service. Our “servant’s heart” approach is not just a philosophy or cute quote we put on the wall, it’s simply how we run our business. We want our winners to experience how much we love to do what we do!

It’s Fun: who wants another gift card, those are boring! Let’s hang out, have some fun, show you around, and have a great time! Nothing like great food and friends together.

Shameless Self-Promotion: Hey, just being honest!

So if you have not already done so, please “Like” our business page on Facebook to enter the contest and tell your friends:

And hopefully we’ll be seeing you for dinner soon! Good luck!

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