Why Working with a Local Catering Company Will Be the Best Decision You Make this Holiday Season

Nov 22, 2023 | Catering, Holiday Meals, Private Events

It’s almost Christmas party season! As you plan your holiday festivities, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to host your own event for your business. Even though it can feel like a big task, working with a local catering company to host your very own event this holiday season can be a great experience – for you and your staff. 

Throw the Party YOU Want to Attend

When you host your very own event, you get total control over all aspects of the holiday party. In other words, you get to throw the event that you want to attend!

Starting off strong, you get to choose what type of party you want to throw. Want to have a casual happy hour event with full bar service and drop-off catering? No problem. Opting for a more formal sit down dinner for your guests at the local event center? You got it. Whether you prefer large event catering or small event catering, Randy Peters can help you throw the party you’re dreaming of. 

This same logic applies to food as well. When you work with a local catering company, you can choose what type of food and drink you serve at your event. Customizing the event menu with your own preferences can make a huge difference in making the party seem like your own. Do you like pie more than cake? Work with the catering service to incorporate pies into the dessert display. When you use holiday catering services, you get to be the captain of your own (party!) ship. 

Take Some of the Work Off Your Hands

Anyone who has thrown a party knows that it can be a mammoth task. When you work with a catering company on your holiday party, you’re bringing in an experienced group of individuals who have experience in the logistics, vendors, and food service of the event as a whole. Not only will a catering service have experience in similar events logistics, but they will also likely have established relationships with known and trusted vendors from throughout the area who they pull into your event. 

This means that working with a catering company will take work off your plate, so you can spend time speaking with guests, overseeing other logistics, or – believe it or not – actually enjoy the party you spent so much time organizing!

Show Your Team You Care

Hosting a high quality holiday catering event shows your staff how much you, as the host, value them and the work they have done over the past year. When you work with a catering company to throw your own holiday party, you create a space for team and relationship-building among your guests. This partnership can also give you an opportunity to recognize the achievements of individuals on your team, and the team as a whole. 

Your Roseville Event Center & Catering Company

If you’re looking for a local event center near you, consider Randy Peters Catering & Event Center. We offer three sophisticated event spaces that can accommodate events large or small. We also provide event catering and bar service and can personalize menus to meet your individual preferences. Give us a call at (916) 726-2339 or send us a message today and let us help you plan a party to remember!


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