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Your Boss Wants a Company Holiday Party, Now What?

It’s the end of November. Your boss comes to you with a last minute idea to plan a holiday party for you and all of the employees.

At this point, you are asking yourself where to start, who to contact and how much it’s going to be. Say hello to Randy Peters Catering & Events who has catered the finest holiday and company events. Before your party, you must make sure the date, arrangements, products and everything else are perfectly in order for your party.

First things first, choose the correct time and date for everyone in the company. Holiday parties are all about stepping away from work and having a great time while bonding with all workers.

The key here is setting the perfect date.

Second, find out where the holiday party will be held. Will at be at your company headquarters? Will you be renting out a room for the party? How about at someone’s house? These are all questions you must ask yourself in determining where to host a party.

The key here is finding a place that everyone will enjoy being at.

Third, and this is a big one, what do you need for the party? If your party is held somewhere outside the office, do you need chairs, tables, linen, or anything else? You want to make sure your employees are all comfortable, and ensure everything is there that’s needed.

The key here is making sure you’re not leaving any necessary items out.

Fourth, the fun stuff—food and drinks! It isn’t a holiday party without outstanding food and drink options for all in attendance. Our incredible bar service and food catering experts have the perfect food and drink options that can be specially made for your party. Oh, and we offer meal pickup options as well! Lastly, keep in mind that you may need non-alcoholic, vegetarian and other options for variety at your party.

The key here is variety and making sure everyone has food and drinks to enjoy.

For additional information on our holiday catering services and our meal pickup services, please click the link or contact us ASAP!

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