What’s Coming in 2016/17: Interview with Lisa Peters

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If you’ve been a customer of Randy Peters Catering, following us on social media or in touch another way, you may know there are exciting and huge changes coming to our business this year and next. Randy Peters Catering & Event Center is moving to Downtown Roseville!

lisa peters

With a new building, Event Center, Board Room, Bistro, and more, we believe our new location on Vernon Street is going to be spectacular. We sat down with our Owner and President, Lisa Peters, to discuss details and the exciting nature of the move to Roseville. Enjoy the interview!


First of all, how is the new building coming along?

The building is coming along well!


Can you tell us what is being worked on at the building this week?

Drywall is going up this week. Also, continued work on the kitchen and electrical.


When is the company expected to move to Downtown Roseville?

Around the 30th of November.


Why did the company decide to move to Downtown Roseville?

The energy level on Vernon Street is awesome. The City of Roseville is very excited and supportive of the RPC TEAM coming to Vernon Street. We all feel we will bring a new energy to the great market.


What excites you most about having the new home of Randy Peters Catering & Event Center in the heart of Downtown Roseville?

Gosh how do you start and how can you stop!!! The Event Center will be so beautiful and cutting edge. The Board Room is intimate and beautiful. The perfect place for a winemaker dinner, board meeting, intimate celebration of a birthday and anniversary, and many other events. The new office for the management TEAM. We expect productivity to increase by 25%. The kitchen…OMgosh! It will be 2,200 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art equipment. For the new driver’s area, all events and deliveries can now be loaded inside, no more being rained on! The entire property will be air conditioned—How wonderful for our hard working employees. Also, opening in the late spring or early summer, 105 Bistro, our newest restaurant.

Event Center

How is the event center progressing?

It’s simply going to be beautiful. We’re working very hard to make it as incredible as possible.


When should guests expect the Event Center to open?

Around the 10th of December


Can you give us a little preview of what the Event Center will look like inside?

Rich grays. Beautiful groupings of chandelier lighting. From the moment you walk through the double doors into the foyer with the arched, used brick ceiling, exposed wooden trusses, to the state-of-the-art audio/visual, closed circuit camera for meetings and food classes, it’s simply going to be incredible.


How many guests can your Event Center host and serve?

150 Guest Buffet Style

170 Plated

200 Cocktail Style

Up to 250 Theater Seating


What kind of events does the Event Center specialize in?

Wedding, corporate, business meetings, as well as many other events — Breakfast, lunch and dinners.


What separates the Randy Peters Event Center from other venues in the area?

A spirit of excellence. A servant’s heart. Meeting the needs of our guest before they know they have a need. Not to mention, the design, extras, food, and fresh/clean environment.



How did you decide to open a bistro-style cafe over other restaurant options?

We feel it fits on Vernon Street. The Bistro will be a grab-and-go style, but with a New York Deli flavor. It will be a new feel for food and beverages.


What excites you most about 105 Bistro?

All of it. Developing a relationship with the community again and knowing people by their first name. The cutting edge new items. Exhibition cooking. The feel of the neighborhood and local place to hang out on the patio out front. There will be nothing like it in the Valley. Craft cocktails, 35 handles for beer, exhibition cooking lines, and just wonderful new menu items and food. Just think, you can now stop by the Bistro on the way home, pick up your dinner for the night and purchase our cookie dough to go. Now you can have our famous cookies any time of the day or night.


What kind of food will you be serving at 105 Bistro?

Expect cured in-house meats and unique combinations. Orange juice squeezed fresh in front of the guest. Deli cases to choose your meats that are cured in-house. A menu that changes weekly, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Why should people choose 105 Bistro over other great places to eat in Downtown Roseville and the surrounding area?

We are not expecting our guests to choose us over other restaurants Vernon Street. There are several great places around. We will be an enhancement to Vernon Street. We believe just as in Downtown Sacramento, people will go from place to place, walking and enjoying the character of Vernon Street. People have dinner at one restaurant, walk down to the Bistro to have craft cocktails and dessert on the patio. We want to develop a community of restaurateurs that come together in respect, support and enjoyment of each other’s establishment. Not fearing each other’s special gift to the street but being there for each other and celebrating each other’s success.


When can people expect 105 Bistro to open?

Late spring or early summer 2017.


Any other projects we should know about coming in the future?

OMGosh….you know Randy. He is already planning the Mexican restaurant and the BBQ restaurant.


Any last things you want people to know about the new Randy Peters Catering & Event Center company and building?

We are humbled to call Roseville and Vernon Street our new home. We are just so very excited for what is coming to Vernon Street.


Looking to stay up to date with the new Event Center, Bistro and more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get plenty of information and looks at our new location! Thank you for joining us on our endeavor!

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