Why Full Bar Service is a Must-Have for Your Roseville Wedding Reception

Jan 27, 2024 | Full Bar Service

Having a full bar service at your wedding reception can go a long way in elevating the event as a whole, and getting your friends and family out on the dance floor! From craft cocktails to wine and beer – and even some mocktail options – having a full service bar at your event will always be popular among your guests.

In this blog, we’re talking about the three main reasons you should consider incorporating a full bar service into your wedding reception or large event catering opportunity.

Elevate the Experience

Having a special drink during a wedding reception can make a guest feel all the more celebratory on your big day. High-end wedding caterer services will have an option for a full bar service during the event where you can choose to serve your guests wine, beer, and mixed drinks. This can be a great option, especially if you’re hosting a large event with a variety of pallets. With so many opinions available, everyone will have something to enjoy!

If you want to elevate your event even further, you can even opt for a signature cocktail for your wedding. A memorable custom drink can do wonders in adding some sparkle to the night, and can act as a great conversation starter among your guests. What’s more, a signature cocktail is a great way to make guests feel like you took the extra effort to make sure they have a fantastic night. 

As one of the pre-eminent Sacramento wedding caterers in the area, Randy Peters can help you dream up a custom cocktail for your event. Want a “his and hers” cocktail combination for your guests, a special spritz to commemorate the place you got engaged, or a dedicated beverage to include your pet in your big day? We’ve got you covered. We are happy to hold cocktail tastings with you, and will look forward to collaborating for your special day. 

Professional and Convenient Services 

When you work with a catering company that offers a full bar service, you’ll get access to experienced bartenders and staff who are ready to help make your event really shine! Having trained bartenders at the helm of your bar operation can elevate your overall event, and make sure the drink service goes smoothly throughout the night. 

Even better, gone are the days of begging one of your friends to man the bar during your big day! With an experienced bartender at your event, you’re adding a level of sophistication and elevating a point of interest (who doesn’t love a well-stocked bar) to your special day. And, when you work with our convenient bar services, you’ll have one less thing on your plate for the night. No need to worry about stocking ice or drink ingredients – we’ve got it covered! Your loved ones will be free from tending the bar, and set up will also be a breeze. 

At Randy Peters Catering, our full service bar can always be added to your event package, making it an extremely convenient and straightforward service to incorporate into your event as a whole. 

Personalize Your Bar Experience

One of the best benefits of getting a full service bar for your Roseville wedding is that you get to personalize it to your own preferences! Don’t like a specific alcohol? Don’t worry about it. Want to make sure you can incorporate local breweries, wineries, or distilleries into your night? We’re on it! At Randy Peters Roseville Catering, we routinely work with local wineries like Old Sugar Mill, Lecavalier Cellars, Cielo, Twin Rocks, and Cante Ao Vinho that would be delighted to be a part of your day. 

Throughout the night, we can make sure that the bar serves drinks that suit your personal preferences. After all, you should enjoy your wedding reception!

Let us Add Some Sparkle to Your Wedding Reception!

At Randy Peters Catering, we have years of experience catering Sacramento weddings, and would be delighted to offer you full bar services or large event catering for your special event. Looking for a venue? The Randy Peters Rose Room and Dining Room are great options for small and medium-sized wedding events, as well as receptions, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and more. 

Give us a call at (916) 726-2339 or send us a message today to explore full bar service options with us. 

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