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Dec 22, 2023 | Full Bar Service

Did you know that Americans consume a total of 400 million cups of coffee each day? That’s almost 3 cups per person! With those types of numbers, it’s no wonder that employers are looking for ways to make the daily cup even easier for their staff. By offering corporate breakfast catering with beverage services, employers can go a long way in making the mornings easier for their employees, while also improving employee morale and productivity. After all, who doesn’t love a hot cup of joe in the morning! For those that don’t drink coffee or tea, Randy Peters Catering can also provide fruit juice, flavored water, and other beverage favorites to start the day.

Increasing Employee Morale

It’s relatively common for someone to forget their morning beverage when they’re in a rush on their way to the office in the morning. And, when an individual skips their morning coffee or tea, it can negatively impact their entire day. When this is the case, you have the opportunity to make your employees entire morning when you surprise them with the coffee, tea, and juices provided by Randy Peters’ beverage catering services. They will be sure to appreciate the gesture from you – especially if it’s paired with breakfast catering services as well!

Foster Employee Culture with Healthy Drinks

If you want to go above and beyond for your staff, you can offer them breakfast beverage catering services on a regular basis – and reap multiple benefits. First, once employees know that coffee, tea, and juice will be served consistently, they are more likely to come to the office early to enjoy the catering services before they begin their work. Not only will your staff be encouraged to be on time or early for their work through this measure, but they will also get the opportunity to socialize before they dive into their work. This gathering opportunity can go a long way in boosting employee morale and company culture. 

If you’re working in a hybrid environment, offering consistent coffee and tea breaks can also incentivize your staff to commute to the office to reap the benefits of your generous catered offerings. When you make traveling to the office even easier (i.e., your staff won’t have to worry about buying or making their own coffee or tea), it’ll be more likely that people will commute to spend time at the office itself. 

Increasing Concentration and Creativity

If you’re someone who drinks coffee or tea every day, you’re definitely familiar with the brain fog that occurs if you miss your morning cup. This brain fog can result in decreased concentration, creativity, and overall productivity throughout the day. It can also affect their mood and energy both in and out of the office. 

As an employer, you can avoid this brain fog in your staff and help them feel energized for the day by offering them team and coffee catering in the morning. This small change can go a long way in increasing the concentration and creativity capabilities among your workforce. 

With our Sacramento breakfast beverage catering services, your employees will be ready for the day. In addition to giving them a cup of coffee, tea, or juice that they’ll appreciate in the morning hours, you’ll be taking important steps in fostering employee satisfaction and morale, while also providing your employees an informal space to connect in the morning. 

If you want to work with Randy Peters to offer your staff a catered corporate breakfast beverage service, we’re here to help! Give us a call at (916) 726-2339 or send us a message today and let us help you set up your coffee, tea, and juice service today. 


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