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How Catering Can Take the Stress Away From Your Party

We’ve all been there: Our guests are arriving and we’re stuck in the kitchen scrambling to finish up the last of the cooking so we can relax and enjoy our own party. Even if we’ve spent weeks planning, organizing and prepping, things can (and do) go sideways. After all, the best laid plans often go […]

The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Finding the Perfect Bar Service

The date is set. The guest list is finalized. The location is locked in. Next up on your event to-do list? Finding a local bar service. Whether a holiday party, corporate function, or wedding, choosing the perfect bar service is an essential element of planning any event. There are many factors that go into choosing […]

7 Creative Drink Ideas for Your Holiday Event

The tree is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped, and the playlist is set to holiday music. But before you get to merrymaking, you should check one more task off your list: your drink menu. Sure, the food usually takes center stage, but you would do your guests a disservice without putting the same care and […]

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Catering Service

Choosing a catering service for your event isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Your event is unique, and you need a caterer who understands your specific needs. No matter the size, place, or type of event you’re hosting, you deserve a caterer who provides exceptional service, hospitality, and delectable food. But even if you’ve […]

Celebrations of Life and Catering: How Food Provides Comfort

Food is an integral part of our everyday lives. Our days are often scheduled around food: family dinners, power lunches, and weekend brunches. Food takes center stage at life’s biggest moments, such as weddings, holidays, birthdays, and other momentous occasions. After all, what’s a birthday without a cake? Or Thanksgiving without a turkey? It’s no […]

Give Back This Holiday Season With Randy’s “Red and Blue Christmas” Special

Red & Blue Christmas Specials It’s the season of giving back! At Randy Peters Catering and Event Center, we’re incredibly thankful for the men and women who have worked tirelessly to serve and protect our community. To thank them the best way we know how, we’re bringing back “Randy Peters Red & Blue Christmas Special!” You can now […]

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