Why Hire Full Bar Service

Mar 25, 2016 | Full Bar Service

You have an upcoming wedding party to plan. A 4th of July celebration with friends and family. A company anniversary celebration…

You have a few options:

  • Go to the store and buy beer, wine, cocktail ingredients (drinks that you “think” your guests will like)
  • Google some online recipes and try to whip up some drinks of your own
  • Or…

Hire Randy Peters Catering Full Bar Service to provide your event with innovative, signature drinks.

Here are 3 Reasons to Hire Full Bar Service

1. Expert Mixologists and Service Staff

Our expert mixologists and bartenders pair beautifully with our top shelf customer service. It’s all about enjoying your party, and having us provide you service makes this possible. Our bartenders and servers will do everything to ensure you and your guests have a flawless event. You will feel amazing knowing that professional, well-versed, and social bartenders are concocting drinks to your guests. It’s our duty and passion to provide your guests with the drinks they want—we even make “mocktails” and provide other non-alcoholic options!

Want to learn more about our full bar service expertise? Check out Mixology 101 with our own Meghan Gilmore.

2. Custom and Personalized Experience

We can give you preset menus all day long, but we really want to know what YOU want at your event! We bring the same customized spirit of our food into making our drinks—they’re made just for you!

Whether it’s an annual Christmas party, a 4th of July gathering, a corporate mixer, or any other event, we have the drinks for it. We create a definitive style to your event through glassware, ingredients, colors, service, and more. Check out some of our holiday cocktails we’ve made for guests at their holiday parties!

If you want local wine, a tequila-based drink, or any other cocktail, we’ll make it especially for you. Our expert mixologists and cocktail servers are trained to make your drinks the way you want ‘em. What does that mean exactly?

  • Customized drinks specifically for your event
  • Craft cocktails made with the best, local ingredients
  • Perfectly paired drinks with your food
  • Mocktails for underage guests or nondrinkers

A well thought out and well-executed signature drink can mean the difference between an impressed neighbor or a lead for your business. It’s as simple as that.

3. Worry-free

It’s a week before the party and the stress begins to pile on. The setup. The shopping. The organizing. The time.

However, you’ve remembered that you made the right decision. You’ve hired Randy Peters Catering. Randy Peters Catering has planned and catered thousands of events, parties and gatherings, and one of the things we do best is we take the stress off of you. This is absolutely present in our full bar service. We bring everything you need, serve you in every way we can, and clean it all up to ensure your space is cleaner than it was before. Remember all that worrying you were having before? Voila, it’s all gone.


Now that you know a little more about Randy Peters Catering full bar service, how about we give you a quote or additional information?

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